Friday, 14 February 2014

Serious? Well, on a good day!

Some reading time
How seriously do I take myself as a writer? Kind of depends on the day or the week. I have very good periods when my seriousness involves a lot of writing, editing, submitting, reading and looking for opportunities. There are other times when I don't feel good about my writing when I let things slide for a few weeks. I go off and do other things, then feel guilty that I am not putting in the effort or hours.

When I get a positive response, an acceptance or encouragement in some way I throw myself into things. When rejections come, I have to go away, lick my wounds and wonder whether it's all worth it, if I am kidding myself. At those times I try to look at what I have achieved, if there is progress and try to push down those niggling thoughts that I may be as far as I am every going to get. It's hard.

I also know I can be lazy, get waylaid by other things. Sometimes I use them as excuses why I 'm not writing. Do you ever feel like that? Often I have to push myself  and sometimes I just don't want to and I stand back. It's a roller coaster!

I recently had one of those down times when a small batch of poems were returned. I just shoved them aside and left everything until I was ready to reassess the situation. Now I am working my way back. I've looked at the poems again and one of them I have re-edited and will be submitting along with another poem shortly. I'm also thinking about 'what next' but don't want to commit myself to more courses right now. I might think about a workshop or two but I really need some space.

One little thing I thought I'd pass on to you all is The Poetry Society Campus which you can sign up to for free (it's a bit like a social media site but much more). You can take a quick look before signing up and here is link to a book list to help in the technicalities of writing poetry. News of The Poetry Society courses are usually here too. So if poetry is your thing it is really worth getting involved whether you are a beginner or a published poet.

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