Sunday, 7 July 2013

#wpad July Challenge - Writing Fuel

Writing Fuel

Maybe I am unique but when I am 'in the zone', food is the last thing I actually want because it takes time out to cook it and to eat it!  So, left to my own devices I will go as long a possible (though snacking helps - see last paragraph).  When I get desperate and cannot ignore the rumbling of my stomach any longer I go for what's quickest and not necessarily healthy.  I resort to a cheese sandwich or I have a spicy tomato paste (veg/vegan) which I have in a sandwich, with cucumber if I have any.

Other foods that are quick are beans on toast with a little curry powder added, if I remember, and black pepper.  I love black pepper and add it to virtually everything.  One more quickie is fried sliced tomatoes with garlic and oregano (topped with black pepper, of course).

There is also the stare into the fridge to see what left overs there are that can be reheated in the mircowave!

Having a family it isn't so easy to get out of the cooking so I have to stop and cook a meal at night and to be honest I do most of my writing in the morning so it isn't a problem.  When I was doing assignments for my Open University course the family got used to last minute meals of pasta and sauce and whatever ready meal there was in the fridge/freezer.  They learned not to question it after a few adult tantrums on deadlines and no time of my own!  No, I'm not that fierce really, they just know when I'm in a mood and keep clear.  My moods pass swiftly.  I've never been able to keep up a mood for long even as a child - it's such a waste of time!

I'm not a chocolate person as a rule.  I can leave a box unopened from Christmas to Easter but once it's open I try to limit myself to two a day - heck I can be strong.  A bar of chocolate once opened doesn't fare so well!  So I don't buy it normally.  What I have is usually what others have bought me and I am generous - I share. However, if I need a quick boost when I'm out I'll for a Snickers bar, always my favourite and the bigger bars are like a meal in itself.

I guess food for me is something that is essential in life.  I'd rather be doing something else rather than cook.  I'm not into dinner parties or eating out in general except as a treat.  That's not what I'm about.  I hate spending hours preparing and cooking (then there's all the washing up) and then it's gone.  I do, however, quite like baking cakes, perhaps more to the point...eating them!  I bake for Church events and I love baking at Christmas.

When I'm writing what I fuel up on most is probably cups of tea or water, though if there is a bag of peanuts close by I'll have those.  Cereal is a good quick easy snack if you are up against the wall for a deadline! Oh....and Starburst, I'm rather partial to those - the lime green ones are my favourite followed by orange, strawberry then blackcurrant.  There, I've even rated them for you!

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  1. I love Starburst,too! Although I still always call them Opal Fruits... ;)