Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Where I write


The garden bench
I write mainly on the sofa where I feel comfortable, with or without the laptop, or at the table with the laptop.  Sometimes I will go off to a cafe and find a corner to write in for an hour (recently discovered the quietness of the B&Q cafe!)

When the weather is nice I go outdoors and I have two places in the garden where I mainly write. The first is the bench outside the back door  where it is good for days when it isn't quite warm enough to peel off the sweater.  It is sheltered so I can sit there on a sunny day in October or in early spring.  This is a recent addition to the garden and is also a nice place to sit in the evening but not in full sun light in the recent temperatures we've had.  When the sun is on the bench I need a blanket laid on it as the heat would strip the skin off!

The other favourite place in the garden is, my little grotto, or as my son calls it, my Zen zone.  It is a shady nook and ideal to escape to away from the glaring sun.  Not only do I write in these places but I also read and write letters and today I had a friend round and we sat in the Zen zone with our tea and biscuits.

Here are a few photos:

The grotto or Zen zone

In the Zen zone


  1. Lovely pictures. I also like writing outdoors but I find that I need a table - simply cannot write well on my knees... ;^)

  2. I envy your study....still waiting for one of the kids to leave home!