Friday, 12 July 2013

#wpad July Challenge - Stationery, friend or fiend


A selection of notelets/cards I could lay my hands on
I love notelets and cards.  The trouble is that I write too much to fit on one, so I begin with a notelet or card and then move over to paper.  Now I used to enjoy collecting different designs of writing paper but then I went all green and began buying recycled which was plain and rather boring.  So I brightened it up with felt pen designs or rubber stamps.  Years ago I even used some ink drawings I'd done (copied from art books), had them photo reduced and made into notelets.  I still have some.

However, when I switch to paper what I end up using is from old exercise books that the kids had at school. Before they got thrown away I'd rip out the unused sheets.  The last of my kids left school/college three years ago and I'm still using them!  I feel embarrassed turning up for a writing class with my son's name and English Book written on it!  Ah! but I hate waste.

My ink drawn notelets
The books I write in (when I'm not using up leftovers and odd envelopes) tend to be Pukka Pad recycled spiral bound A4 notebooks.  I love them.  Hubby bought me two hard backed A4 notebooks for Christmas but they don't bend well. They are not meant to but I managed it!

I hate the Reporter notebooks - so damn confusing, I can never find where I am!  I spend ages flipping the pages to find a poem, find the start then can't find the end!  So I don't use them anymore.  I sometimes use a smaller notebook but I prefer A4 so I can spread my thoughts out and if necessary rip the page out if jottings are getting too many edits over pages and I don't want to keep turning back.

When I'm outside in the garden I use a board underneath  (hubby's idea) so that the notebook (the one that isn't hard back) stays rigid.  You following me so far?  Keep up!

You can never have enough notebooks and paper (likewise pens and pencils).  My main problem is that I usually have at least two on the go and still haven't made an index of where certain poems are.  They are on my laptop but the original with all edits (apart from the ones I make on the laptop at the last minute) are there.  One of these days I WILL sort it all out.

I also have a box file with the notebooks in it (but that's now full) and that also includes odd sheets of typed poems and other writing related stuff.

My shelf is a mess, again, and I need to sort that sometime.  It contain all my files on writing, course work and a lot else beside, including rather too many files full of Art of Knitting magazines.  When will I ever have time to move beyond scarf knitting!

My writing stuff plus other bits!

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