Friday, 26 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Social media

Social Media

I put off joining any social media sites for as long as possible but then a friend said look at my pictures on Facebook.  That's the only place I could view them so reluctantly I signed up.  It took me ages to understand how it all worked.  I even bought an idiots guide!  I have far fewer 'friends' than most other people but I am picky and 'old school'.  I don't just add everyone I know or come into contact know acquaintances you speak to once in a blue moon.  I don't have dedicated writers page there but use Facebook for my friends.  I do belong to a few groups which is entirely different.  These are groups for writing and other interests I have and they are very useful and informative.

I now also have a Twitter account but don't use it a great deal (though during this blog challenge I have tweeted a few times).  I recently joined Google+ but I have no idea what its all about!  I need an instruction book for using it!

I know social media is good for promoting yourself and that's one of the reasons I use it but I am sure I am not getting the best out of it.  I much prefer blogging!  I expect it's down to my age as the kids get to grips with social media so fast.  It's all a learning curve but it's also time consuming.  Sometimes I fear I spend too long on Facebook (and blogging) than actually writing.  A writer is well able to find excuses for not getting down to business!

So, now I'm finished here I'm hopping off to Facebook after which I have my shelves to re-sort!

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