Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Choose one word

How about this for a writing place!
Fanny's Farm, Reigate
A little exercise I've been setting myself which I thought I'd share with you.  I pick a word, any word (sounds like a card trick!) and then write something about it, a short story, flash fiction or a poem.  Afterwards you can either stick with word as a title or change it as the object is to get writing.

I've found this incredibly liberating as it's led me into areas I wouldn't normally write about or at least expand on something that I've found difficult before.  Certainly I've found it sparking off ideas and topics when I've been stuck for inspiration. You wouldn't think one word could inspire anything but it works for me. Over the last few days I have been on a roll with my writing and today I've been typing everything up as it was all hand written and where I'd heavily edited it was becoming hard the decipher.  I find I edit as I go along when I type up my work.

I've spent hours today either writing or typing up and I have sent out some submission so I am feeling quite self righteous!  It's true what they say about writing regularly.....it really does pay off.  I just wish I'd take my own advice now and then and keep at it!

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