Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rejection, rejections

Just been checking up on sites to see who won various competitions that I entered.  Don't know why I did it because if I'd even got a mention they'd have emailed me.  So I'm sulking and wondering why I bother, all those usual negative emotions that come from rejection.  I read one winning entry and I thought why?  What was SO brilliant about it because to me it was not outstanding in any way, nothing to make me want to read it again.  Surely there were better poems even if it wasn't mine?

Well, I think I'm giving up on competitions for now and will try my luck back plodding round the small press magazine circle - if I can pull myself out of my hole of depression!  O woe is me!!

Areopagus did print a line from my competition entry.  The aim was to write a Psalm (Areopagus is a Christian Writers magazine).  At least I got a mention.  Good old Areopagus, my faithful friends!

I'm now going to depart (not literally) and go and lie down in a darkened room to brood, swear and cry.
Oh, by the way HAPPY EASTER and look the sun is out!

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