Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The next step and the tricky subject of organising!

Oh for the sea....again!  Eastbourne
So what does a writer do after such a heady few weeks?  Gets on with trying to repeat the euphoria!

I have been trying to sort out about 12/14 poems to enter into a pamphlet competition.  I've never done this before and felt I needed some help in going about it.  Found a nice guide on Mslexia's website for a competition they ran in June.  I now have some poems (having chosen a theme) but immediately started to query whether they were good enough.  I have looked through some other poems, a few that need editing or completing and have managed to vary the contributions better.  There is still a way to go yet and I have another month until the deadline but I can't leave this until the last moment because there is too much to consider.  As well as that I am sorting through other poems for submission to other competitions/magazines where deadlines are coming up this month and next.  At one point I was going round in circles, panicking about my own work, doubts have crept in but I know all writers have these feelings from time to time, especially in the early stages.

I've also bought myself a box file because while sorting through poems in various notebooks I realised how chaotic my work is and I spend too long trying to find the books and even longer trying to find which book they are in.  At least if the books are in one place that cuts down searching time.  As more work goes out and is published being more organised is a pretty good idea.

Any advice/tips?  How do you work?  Are you as bad as me or have you worked out a good system?

(PS.  Haven't got back to the story time yet)


  1. I try and keep my notebooks together and in one of them I've made a kind of index of various draft poems and which notebook they are in (orange aisling notebook, purple plastic notebook, Sarah's diary 2010 etc). I've found this very useful. I'm pleased to hear about your recent successes - you must be thrilled!

    1. Thanks for your comments and useful suggestions. Will try that!