Saturday, 10 December 2011

Winter muse

Just when I thought that my creative muse had flown, I wrote a poem.  You know how it is, something you hear, see or think about sparks off a thought worth pursuing, well that's what's happened.  It probably won't get 'air play' for a year because it is an Advent poem and it's too late to send it anywhere now, but it's in my portfolio.

I have signed up for the next term of my poetry course which should help keep me on track.

So, here is a quick limber up for you.  Write something about winter - think frost, snow, hazy sun, long shadows, spindly trees, ice - you get the drift (sorry no pun intended!).  Restrict yourself to a word limit (story) or to a list of wintery words (poem).  Write in any form but hey...why not try a Sonnet!  Use the image above as a starting point if you like.

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