Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Old Sage - flash fiction

Cumin home one night the old Sage stumbled into a Basil bush, its aroma wafting over him. The plant next to it said ‘Why do you Curry favour with Basil when I can spice up your life?' The old Sage grunted and replied ‘I don’t have Thyme for this. I have to get home to the widow Rosemary, now she has a superior perfume.’ But then he began to think about the young Marjoram, his little Bouquet Garni. ‘Oh! Paprika!’ swore the old Sage. ‘What a decision to make.’ A Chilli wind blew through the bushes and he thought about the Mint of money he had made and whether he was being foolish to think it was anything other than his cash that caused such interest in him. He walked home with a heavy heart until he saw the adorable Coriander swaying suggestively in front of him. ‘Oh what a Cinnamon I am! All these spices and herbs will be the death of me, but what a way to go!’

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