Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Woe is me!

Two rejections in (almost) as many days. It doesn't get any easier. At least I got some feedback and with a little editing of the last verse (on one poem) it might suit somewhere else. My initial reaction to rejections is to shove the 'offending' article away in disgust (with lots of mumbling and anger) until I am calm enough to reconsider my options. Rejections are always painful and they dent your confidence - well they do mine. The first time I was published I suppose I thought it might be easier from then on. It's not. One success doesn't automatically lead to another.

A tip - I'd advise not to submit one poem and then wait for the result. 1) you can wait a long time to get a reply and if it's a rejection it feels even worse if you've been pinning your hopes on it 2) your work rate is severely hampered. Send out several poems and keep going so that there is always something 'out there' even if some come back with a 'no'. However, don't make the mistake of submitting the same poem to several publications at the same time. That's a real 'no-no'. If it's returned you can then submit it elsewhere (with or without revision).

Changing the subject somewhat, on Saturday I went to an event at a local church which was part of an Arts Weekend. There was an exhibition of paintings and photographs. The photos were particularly stunning. If you need some inspiration for writing take a look at the photographers website. The photos on display were those called 'The Four Seasons'. Enjoy! http://www.creativelight.org.uk/

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