Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lyrics and vegetables!

I'm waiting for a man BT man to call so can't do much and I'm playing around on the computer and thought I'd write a new post here to fill in some time. Aren't you lucky!

Several years ago I was runner-up in a competition in a vegetarian magazine. I had to write a song about my favourite vegetable. This was a challenge not to be missed as I adore music and began writing songs from about the age of ten. At that age I just made them up in my head and wrote out the lyrics. When I was about eighteen I bought my first guitar and taught myself some basic chords and finally was able to write my own songs and put them on tape. I don't write music nor read it but I have a good memory and learn by ear. This song competition was in fact the third one I'd entered.  The first one I entered was for lyrics only, for a band I can no longer remember and they were never 'big' in the music world from what I remember.  I was probably a teenager at the time. I didn't win the compeition but I got a signed photo of the group (which I may still have somewhere!). In my late twenties I entered another competition to write lyrics to an existing instrumental piece by The Beach Boys. I was (and still am) a huge fan on theirs and this was for a fanzine. I came third and was the only female who entered! As part of the competition I had to record my voice over the instrumental with my lyrics. It was great fun for someone who'd spent too many years shut up in the bedroom recording my own songs using two tape machines to get harmonies and two instruments. Still I digress. I heard the winning song which had been done very professionally and I have to say he deserved to win. Anyway, I had a letter from a guy called Chris White who had written and sung the 80's hit 'Spanish Wine'. He was very complementary about my song and he said that should he ever go back into song writing he'd love me to write with him!  Of course, he never did get back into songwriting (that I know of) but hey, I was on cloud nine. I actually had his single in my 45's collection.

The reason I am telling you all this is to show you where your creative thoughts can take you. With me, lyric and song writing came before the poetry. I wasn't a great success but I loved it and did it for me which is the whole point. Writing is something you have to do. I've tried (in moments of despair) to give it up but I can't. I'll never make money at it (if I do I'll be well chuffed) but I have a compulsion to write and if you do it  in the hope of making money you are doing the wrong thing. In the past I have written lyrics with penpals and written melodies for their lyrics. I even sent a few 'demos' to music producers. Of course I never made it but I enjoyed it. I've not written songs for years now. Once someone suggested I write poems instead of lyrics but I didn't want to,  but here I am doing just that. One day maybe I'll pick up a guitar again and write a song, after all there isn't a huge difference. I love songs with good lyrics (I also like a lot of mindless trance/dance but that's another story!). Good lyrics, like a good poem draw in the listener/reader giving them something to identify with, something that will bring them back time and time again. (By the way, what follows can't be said to be in that category - this is for fun only!)

Now, I know you are just dying to know what favourite vegetable I wrote about for the competition - it was the courgette! And now for your delight (or otherwise) here are the lyrics - sorry I can't sing it to you but that may be just as well!


Pretty little green courgette
A tasty little veg and yet
Nothing comes close to courgette.

You slim lithe being
You're a sight worth seeing
You're so versatile
And in a while, I'll take you for my own.

You make fine dishes
And take all my wishes
Then they all come true
In a meal I do, you fill my heart's desire.
Only you can satisfy
In a casserole or in a stir-fry
Stuffed with goddies, on a flan
The food of love is in my frying pan.

When I leave you stewing
I know what I'd doing
I have an appetite
That I can't fight ..and all because of you...

Pretty little green courgette
The bestest little veg you'll get
Nothing comes close to courgette.

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