Thursday, 19 May 2011

Is there a book in you?

This is the title of Alison Baverstock's book which, chapter by chapter, asks searching questions of the reader who wants to write. Alison is a former a publisher, an author of 13 books and is a teacher of marketing and publishing studies at Kingston University so she knows what she's talking about. Chapters include Just how much do you want to see yourself in print? to Is there not a book in you? There is questionnaire at the back and each question refers to a chapter in the book. By the time you have read the book and filled in the questionnaire you will know a lot more about yourself and your writing.  Unfortunately my replies were rather middle of the road, with some movements either way which turns out that probably there isn't a book in me!!  That isn't suprising as I mostly write poetry but looking back on my replies I also think I have a low opinion of my story writing because I do it less.  I don't really have the commitment for a novel because I am impatient.  I like to get fast results - I only knit if its on large needles and an easy pattern because I lose interest!  Poetry (or flash fiction) is much quicker.  It still can take a long time through the editing process but at least its only a few lines (I rarely write long poems!) not a whole book.  Still, for those of you who aspire to a novel this book is certainly up there as the book you should most read.  There are lots of quotes, help and suggestions and some website/blogs of writers who contributed to the book as well as an appendix of useful addresses (and websites).  I can't rate this highly enough for all potential novel writers.

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