Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Competitions and moving forward??

Sent off two competition entries today. One is to Poetry London but having left it so late I wasn't sure I had anything suitable and it was too late to write something new as I need time to edit, leave it and edit again!  I dismissed several and finally chose one I'd submitted (unsuccessfully) elsewhere.  I realised straightaway a drawback to my previous entry - there was a typo!  However many times I check things I never see my own mistakes, well, until it's to late.

The other competition is in the Christian publication Areopagus which I subscribe to and the entry is the one I mentioned a while ago, a poem in the style of Gerard Manley Hopkins. I did some last minute editing including re-writing the first line. Both entries are now in the post.

I have been thinking about doing another poetry course if I can pluck up the courage! Although I have one course I downloaded from The Poetry School I have done little with it because I am not disciplined enough and I tend to forget about it. There always seems to be something to keep me away from studying it but there is something about being with like minded people that helps and inspires. If I want to move forward with my writing this has to be the obvious step.

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