Monday, 18 April 2011

My starter for 10!

As promised (have you composed your own poem yet?) here is my offering from the poetry exercise I posted here a week ago. I used eight of the ten words (see below to remind yourself what they were). This took some editing as I changed tack once.  It isn't perfect (is any poem that?) but it shows what can be done. An exercise like this makes you write and often it is on a subject you would perhaps never have written about normally and you surprise yourself. When you are stuck this is a great exercise to try even if you land up not using all the words but letting them kick-start a thought that will develop into a piece of writing (you could even use it to write a story).

The Moon
Slipping from the midnight cloud
a silver bowl, streaked wedgewood blue
strokes the river, fingers through
the ice cold rivlets, then the view
disappears, replaced instead
by darkness on the riverbed,
til once again a tear appears
across the wall of night time sky
and through the window comes the moon
slowly peeping, photo-shy.

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